Corey Koehler

Solopreneur | Singer-Songwriter | Google Ads Manager

I love success stories, which is why I love helping fellow Gen Xers go from employment to self-deployment by sharing my 17+ years of adventure transitioning from Mechanical Draftsman to Soloprenuer making money online in music, marketing, and future-proofing.

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"If you want to relate to someone who has gone through the process of becoming a entrepreneur, be inspired to follow your own path, and to receive tools/tips that will help you move forward I definitely recommend Corey's newsletter." - Cory Tomesh - Employee turned Business Owner, Sprint Graphics

“If you’re the one writing this, it’s damned good writing…very personal, (actually interesting) captivating, compelling, etc. Bravo!! I’m glad I get these - you’re giving me some ideas. I’m inspired."-Scott Zosel-Journalist turned Senior Marketing Manager

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